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Nip+Fab Soften Kale Fix Moisturiser

I was waiting for ages to try something from the Nip+Fab Range that is available in boots but I wasn’t quite sure about it as my skin is so sensitive. I got the Nip+Fab Soften Kale Fix Moisturiser in my January GlossyBox which I was so excited for as I heard some amazing things about this month’s box. I have been using this product for the past couple of days and it has changed my skincare game so much already.



I was quite surprised at the size of the sample tube of this product as the full size is 50ml and the sample size is 30ml so it’s more than half of the full size – which I thought was very generous of Nip+Fab. When I opened it, I could smell it straight away and the scent totally reminded me of cucumber – I thought it would have more of a kale scent to it as it’s down as a ” Kale Fix Moisturiser ” and not a Cucumber Fix Moisturiser.


I am in love with this moisturiser and it has helped me so much already with my dry skin, after I cleanse it when I’m in the shower. I have always put this on after cleansing my face and it has helped to put the moisture back into my skin – I do suffer with a lot of dry skin and each time I used this product, you couldn’t even tell that I have / had dry skin patches on my face ( nose, forehead and my chin ). I’m not too fond of the smell of this product – I don’t really like the scent of a cucumber but it wouldn’t stop me from using this product in the future.

I do regret not trying the Nip+Fab range sooner as I have grown fond of this product and will most likely buy the full version once this one has been used. Overall I would say give this a go if you suffer with dry skin and need a good moisturiser.

Overall Scoring : 10/10 

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