How I Deal With Migraines

Hello my lovelies! I cannot believe that I have finally launched this blog after working so hard to get it up and going for you all. My second post is all about How I Deal With Migraines which will be different to many people that suffer with them as I do suffer from Tension Migraines which a lot of things don’t make it worse / better.


SUMATRIPTAN TABLETS : These are the only tablets that I take for my migraines and they are the only ones that work instantly nearly, I swear I don’t know what I would be like without these. These are tablets that I have been prescribed for nearly the past year – I haven’t taken them fully for the year as they are opiates and I know that they are really strong. I only tend to take these when I have a really bad migraine.

LISTENING TO MUSIC : I know you must think I’m crazy that listening to music during  a migraine attack is a bad idea – which during normal circumstances it would be. I suffer with tension migraines which means light or sound has no effect on them. I listen to the music to make myself calmer and so that I can relax – I listen to music when I’m stressed or going into a stressful situation and it does keep me calm. Stress and anxiety tends to make the migraine worse.

GLUTEN AND DAIRY : I know a lot of migraines can be triggered by Gluten and Dairy so I have cut down / out them from my diet. I am currently on little or no gluten and a glass of milk a day. This has helped me so much with these migraines as well as coping with them. I don’t get a migraine each time I take gluten etc – it’s selective which is a bit weird.

EXERCISE : This is something that I’m not fond of doing anyway but I have to say going for a walk, gym or even swimming helps my migraines so much. When I do the exercise, my mind is off the migraine and I can get on with daily life and I have so much more to do also.

SLEEP : This is one of the main things I do when I have a migraine. I do try and sleep it off first and see if that makes a difference. If i can’t sleep – I keep my eyes closed until I do fall asleep and not give in to the migraine. I learnt this way when I was in school so I didn’t go to school on little or no sleep – which wasn’t good either.

These are just some of the ways that I deal with my migraines – every person that suffers with migraines deals with them in different ways. If you have any ways that you deal with your migraines please let me know in the comments below!


Bee ox


One thought on “How I Deal With Migraines

  1. It’s like this post was written for me, I get exactly the same migraines but I really don’t know what causes them. All I know is that I have to sleep it off and I listen to classical music to help me too!.

    sonia x


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