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New Years Resolutions

I know you all are probably thinking that its way to late to post about New Years Resolutions since we’re more than halfway through January. I wasn’t quite sure about my resolutions as I don’t tend to do them every year as I find myself giving up so easily and I just have no motivation. This year I have decided to do it and make myself 99.99% better this year in so many different ways.


I’ve told myself this year that it’s my year to get fit and to get into a good mental state. I have left myself go over the past two years. I want to loose 4kgs as I will be the perfect weight. My first three weeks are actually going pretty good and I am tracking all of my food / drink with MyFitnessPal – if you don’t have the app you need to get it. I am hoping to be 78kg by the end of the year.


My mindset is pretty  negative since I was a young child – I have no reason why but it’s just my mindset, i guess. I am hoping to do a CBT Course this year which is to get my mindset more positive and even just think positive more than negative. Thinking negative has made me so ill so I really need to make this New Years Resolution work as it’s affecting my health and so much more.


I was aiming to apply for the CAO again this year to do a Level 8 course in Business or Journalism but after thinking about it – I’ve decided to put it off for a year. I am now aiming to be more focused on my college course that I’m doing now as I haven’t been focused on it. I am also aiming for a Distinction now which is a massive goal.


I love to think of the best of people which is a good thing but I am way to trusting. My last new years resolution is just to not trust people to easily online or in person as you can never know what a persons true attentions are. I am bad at reading people too so I am going to be keeping more to myself and not giving my all to people that I barely know – it can either be amazing or end so badly.

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6 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions

  1. Good luck with achieving your goals! I need to remember to stay positive this year too – the mindset you take on things can make such a big difference. I’ve also tagged you for the Mystery Blogger Tag, so check your Twitter!
    xx Enyiie


  2. Great resolutions I never make any now cause they never come true for me! But always make sure u look forward to a new year and plan ahead as that’s the best way forward I aways think like that because life is too short aways believe in yourself and hope u have a wonderful 2017 🙂


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