Blogging Resources You Need

I have used so many different Blogger Resources over the past two to three years now – a lot of these resources are some of the best resources that I have used over the past year and a bit. I always get asked what resources do I use for blogging so I am bringing you the Blogger Resources You Need! Most of these are free for some of the use but you do have to pay if you want to use anything else to do with the app or website.

Buffer : If anyone knows me – I am a big fan of the app / website called Buffer. It is something that I recommend to all of the people that ask me about scheduling Tweets and Facebook posts. Even though I do pay for Buffer the free side of the website / app lets you schedule ten tweets before you need too upgrade. I just love the layout for this website and it’s the only scheduler that I would use.


Pexels : I know a lot of people like myself, don’t have access to a camera 24/7 so a stock photograph website is something that everyone needs in the bookmarks they have! Pexels is one of the best websites that I have found for stock photo’s for people to use – it’s all 100% free and they ask you for a donation but you don’t have too. You can also see what photographer took the picture etc and contact them too. All of the photo’s can be used for personal and commercial use which is amazing.


Tweetdeck : So many people hate the Twitter site itself and I totally don’t blame them as I hate it too. Tweekdeck is an browser website / app that you can use to go on Twitter. It’s perfect for bloggers and creators a like. You can do a whole load of columns and use a hashtag as a column for anyone that hosts / in a Twitter Blogger Chat. This is 100% free and I cannot praise it enough. You can also have more than one account attached to it and schedule Tweets on the app too.

Sorry for having this picture larger than the rest – just want to show you want the website is like itself.

Facebook Groups :  This is one resource that everyone seems to forget about. There are so many different Facebook Groups that you can join but you do need to weed out the crap ones before you find the good ones. The good ones won’t just be spammed with links – it will have people asking questions and engaging, it’s what you would want in a group. I won’t be naming any as there are so many to name but check them out yourself by searching and you will find some amazing ones.


These are literally just some of the resources that most bloggers should be using – in my opinon as these ones have given me the best over the past couple of years. If you have any suggestions for anything else to use – let me know in the comments below.

Bee ox


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