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What I Have Learnt From Online Dating

So I have been online dating now for the past few years – most of the time, I’ve only been on there to have the banter but I have been on a number of dates with people that I have met through apps like Tinder, Plenty Of Fish and OkCupid. I have actually learnt so much about dating in general from going on dates from these apps and websites. These are just my own personal experiences and lessons that I’ve learnt from dating strangers, I guess.

Always Meet Somewhere Public : Now this one should go without hesitation. I’ve learnt this a hard way as I did get ditched somewhere where I had no clue where I was and had to be found by my parents… embarrassing. Also if your meeting somewhere public – get a friends number that’s nearby as if the date goes sour.. you need a get out clause.

Dick Pics : Now this is one of the things that I hate about online dating and generally talking to guys. You do get the unsolicited dick pics and it’s so annoying. I’ve learned to just ignore them – I don’t even bothering opening them these days as if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all and the fact that they are an ugly part of the body. I have learned to block someone after they’ve sent me one as it’s disgusting.

Online vs Real Life : The way people react online and in real life can be two completely different things. You may like someone online ( which I have ) and hated them in person – this is something that happens so many times. I do tend to give them a go of one or two dates to see if anything sparks.

Looks Aren’t Everything : Someone might not be ” your type ” on paper but you can meet up with them and have a spark. I used to judge on by looks online and now I do like talking to the person to get to know them more rather than judging the person by the looks – think this is a big lesson as looks fade.

Sex : So many people use the online dating world for one night stands and friends with benefits – they do lie to actually get this which is kind of sad. You do tend to realize whose on these websites for sex or something more. I’ve been caught out plenty of times when the person just wants ” the ride ” and then once he gets what he wants.. they feck off which is horrible but it happens.

Let me know in the comments below on your experiences in the online dating world or what you have learnt from it also!

Bee xoxo


6 thoughts on “What I Have Learnt From Online Dating

  1. I’ve given online dating a good go, and the best advice I’ve got is to meet up with people asap. If you match on a Thursday, try to meet them by the end of the weekend. Meeting up after a week or a month of chatting makes it feel less natural and more friendly than romantic.

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  2. I love your post. I tired online dating for a year but it didn’t work out. So I quit it. However, that doesn’t mean that someone should day no to it altogether. These tips will be helpful to everyone. So, shoutout to you: Well done. 😊 x


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