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My Thoughts On Ashley Madison

I have never been shocked in my life after I found out about the Ashley Madison website and the purpose of the whole website. I do remember hearing about it last year or the year before but I never knew what the whole extent of the website was and why people were giving out about the database being leaked and all that but now I have to say that I am quite sickened by the whole concept of it.


So Ashley Madison is an Canadian Online Dating Service which is marketed towards people who are married or in a committed relationships. It is the largest online dating community for people that are in relationships or married.
They were hacked in July 2015 where hackers stole all of the customer data including a lot of emails, names, addresses and a lot more, and they threatened to post all the data online if it was permanently closed. On the 22nd of July the first lot of customers names were released with all of the data released in the August.


I did join the website for this post to see what it was all about – I’m not in a relationship or married and there is an option for single people to join. As soon as I joined, I could see all of the men that were in Ireland and abroad – most of them were attached and married, and over the age of 30 years old. My first impressions was the fact that the website even existed made my stomach turn and also the way people we know could be on this, and could’ve found stuff that I didn’t want to know..

I just think that the creators of this website and the people that avail of the service has no morals at all – why would you be in a relationship or married to a person that you didn’t love? There is no right reason to cheat or have an affair with someone when you are committed. The website should actually leak everything out about who uses it so the girlfriends / boyfriends / wives / husbands know that they’re other half is cheating.

I have since deleted my account and totally don’t fancy being on it where 41 year old married men send this type of message :


Let me know you’re thoughts on the whole Ashley Madison Website in the comments below.

Bee ox


9 thoughts on “My Thoughts On Ashley Madison

  1. That is so sickening. I can’t believe there is an entire community built around the idea of cheating on a partner. Infidelity is horrible and so is the message that that website is condoning. So glad you didn’t stick around on that website! Hope all is well xx

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  2. Oh my god I had no idea that this site was atill running! That’s disgusting, if I found my partner on there I would be heartbroken. It’s sas how some people could do this to their significant other
    – Elen x

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  3. I’ve heard of this site before I thought it was shut down. it’s turns my stomach to think of everyone who is being cheated on through this site. It’s disgusting how it’s still in operation. Glad your off the site now girl! You don’t need married 40 year old men saying that stuff. Eww!xx

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  4. This is disgusting. I can’t believe a garbage pile like this exists. The people on there are shameful. If you aren’t happy in your relationship anymore, just leave. Have some maturity, ya know? People don’t make sense.

    Breanna Catharina


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