Ireland Bucket List 2017

Something I haven’t done yet and I have been meaning to do is see more of Ireland. It is something that I totally want to do in 2017 as a small country, we have so much to do around it.  I really can’t wait to see more of Ireland whether it’s a weekend or day trip but it’s something that I am seriously looking forward to. I have so many places that I want to see and do. This is my Ireland Bucket List 2017 and I am hoping to get most of this done this year!

  1. Guinness Storehouse ( Dublin ) : This is something that I have been meaning to do for a while and it’s so close to home. It’s where Guinness is made etc and the tour is supposed to be really good.
  2. Dublin Zoo ( Dublin ) : I love Dublin Zoo and have been there a lot but I had to add it to my 2017 Bucket List as it’s something that I do yearly anyway.
  3. Glendalough ( Wicklow ) : I have been here plenty of times and it’s so pretty so I have to go back. This is something that I am looking forward too.
  4. Father Teds House ( Clare ) : I used to be a big Father Ted fan and I have never been to his house – it seems to be a place where you need to go when your in Ireland.
  5. Castle Leslie ( Monaghan ) : This is one castle where I have always wanted to stay but it’s pretty expensive even for just one night. It’s so pretty and the grounds are amazing.
  6. Whale Watching ( West Cork ) : I am a big whale lover and I’ve always wanted to go whale watching – ever since watching Blackfish on Netflix I’ve had a love for them. Apparently it’s better going after the Summer from September to November.
  7. Go To A Ladies Day ( Kildare / Galway / Dublin ) : This is something that everyone has to do once in their life. Ladies Day at the races or the Dublin Horse Show will be a goal for this year.
  8. Cable Car ( Dursey Island ) : This is Ireland’s only working cable car so it’s something you have to do at some stage. I actually didn’t know this existed until I read this post by Janet.
  9. Salthill ( Galway ) : I have been here before with the Irish Girl Guides but it is a holiday town that people tend to visit. It is always packed with locals and tourists.
  10. Tayto Park ( Meath ) : I have also been here but it’s somewhere where I want to go back to this year. It is great day out for kids and adults a like. I love it there as they have animals that most places in Ireland don’t.

    Castle Leslie, County Monaghan.
  11. Fota Wildlife Park ( Cork ) : Sticking with the animal theme, I have to go and visit Fota Wildlife Park this year as they have animals roaming around the park, and is so different compared to a zoo.
  12. Cliffs Of Moher ( Clare ) : I have always wanted to visit the Cliffs of Moher and I guess this is probably the best time to do it.
  13. Howth ( Dublin ) : Howth is a place where I would visit a lot when I was a kid and even to this day. I really love it because you can see some amazing views on Howth Hill and the harbour is amazing too.
  14. GAA Match ( Croke Park, Dublin ) : I have never been to a Gaelic match at all. I would love to go to one of the Dublin matches this year.
  15. Rugby Match ( Aviva Stadium, Dublin ) : This is basically the same as the Gaelic Match as I’ve never been to a rugby match but I do love rugby.
  16. Titanic Museum ( Belfast ) : This is a place that I haven’t shut up about ever. I am so interested in the Titanic Story and the museum is one place where I want NEED to visit this year.
  17. Glasnevin Cemetery ( Dublin ) : I have been meaning to visit this cemetery for so long now so I had to add it onto my bucket list. I am big into the 1916 rising so this would be the perfect place for me.
  18. The Skelligs ( Kerry ) : Since Star Wars is even more big now, I have to go and visit The Skelligs as it’s where they filmed some of the recent movies.
  19. Game of Thrones Territory ( Antrim ) :  I am a massive Game of Thrones fan so I really need to go and see where they filmed and still film it on a tour!
  20. Dingle ( Kerry ) : I’ve always wanted to go back to Dingle to see Fungi the Dolphin in the flesh again – I seen him when I was younger. There are so many other things to do in Dingle too.

    Cliffs of Moher
    The Cliffs of Moher, County Clare.
  21. Powerscourt Waterfall ( Wicklow ) : I love being out at Powerscourt as it’s so pretty and the waterfall is amazing. There is also amazing walks you can do.
  22. Kiss The Blarney Stone ( Cork ) : I don’t think I’ve ever done this before and it’s something that I know a lot of people have done – so I need to go and do it. You’re supposed to kiss it while you’re upside down!
  23. See Northern Lights ( Donegal ) : I actually didn’t know this existed up until recently as it’s something that I’ve always wanted to do. So this is something that I HAVE to do this year.
  24. Copper Face Jacks ( Dublin ) : This is something that everyone should have on their bucket list when they go around Ireland. I have been here PLENTY of times as it’s where I end up most nights when I’m out. It’s the most well known nightclub in Dublin but you need to be already drunk before you go as when you’re sober the place is just a mess. It also has a €10 door fee.
  25. Surfing ( Lahinch, Clare ) : I’ve always wanted to go surfing and Lahinch in Clare is supposed to be one of the best spots to do it.
  26. Irish National Stud and Japanese Gardens ( Kildare ) : This is one of my favourite spots to go and visit in Ireland. The gardens are amazing and so are all of the horses / foals.
  27. Butterfly Farm ( Kildare ) : I know so many people that have been here – for the fact I love butterflies so it’s somewhere that I am going to go this year.
  28. Phoenix Park ( Dublin ) : This is a place where Dublin Zoo is based but there’s so much more to it. I cannot wait to go and look / feed to deer that’s in the park!
  29. Newbridge Farm ( Dublin ) : Sticking with the animal theme, I haven’t been here in so long and the grounds that the farm is based on is so pretty.

So this is my Ireland Bucket List for 2017! I honestly really hope that I do most / all of these in the coming year but I will update you on – what I’ve done and I will be doing vlogs. I am going to start off in Dublin!

Bee ox


3 thoughts on “Ireland Bucket List 2017

  1. This is such a good list!! I live in the north and know there’s so much more to see in this country, so this is fab inspiration! I hope you get to see it all! x


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