Netflix February Picks

I am an avid Netflix person – I watch it every day and for hours on end. There are always new series and movies but onto the website and app so there is a lot to choose from. These are the shows / movies you should watch on Netflix in February. I am going to be including new and old shows and movies – you can never beat an oldie or something you have never seen before.


MAKING A MURDERmakingamurderer-jpg-crop-promo-xlarge2

I had to add this to the February list because the new season is hopefully coming out this year so it had to be added. If you haven’t seen this – you really need to. It is all about a person who spent years in jail for something he never did but ends up back in jail for another thing. It is such an eye opening documentary to show how corrupt the police is in the area and so much other things.


This has literally just been put on Netflix and the second episode is  out tomorrow but if it’s anything the first episode is to go by – it’s going to be an amazing series. It is a series based on the characters from the Archie Comics. Cole Sprouse from the ” Suite Life of Zack and Cody ” has a role in the movie – I’ve been waiting for his return to TV for ages now.

AMANDA KNOX160910091838-amanda-knox-doc-netflix-780x439

Before I watched this documentary, I had no clue who Amanda Knox was at all – now I feel for her. Amanda Knox is a girl that was convicted for the murder of her housemate in 2004. It just follows her story and life after she left the prison in Italy after spending 4 years there being wrongly convicted.

These are just the first 3 picks out of my new Netflix series on this blog. Two of them are similar but I will be doing five to ten shows / movies every month for you lot. Let me know what you thought of these if and when you watch them.


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