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Travel Tips 101

If you follow my Twitter, you will know that I am longing to travel! I see a lot of people getting ready to go on adventures and I’m like ” I want that to be me! ” – I can dream right?! I always see people asking for travel tips for booking, packaging and airlines. I am bringing you my first post of my Travel Tips 101 which I go by and I found some of these online while I researching. I do hope this post is something that will help a lot of you!



 This has to be one of the most things people do ask when it comes to travel tips. They want to know what airlines, hotels, hostels etc are the best.  There are so many different websites out there to book the lot which makes it so hard to choose which ones to use etc. If you haven’t used a website before, I would ask around for reviews – even Googling the website will be a massive help. These are some of the ones I recommend : : This is a website that I have used myself a lot of times and it’s my favourite website too book hotels, apartments etc off as they have a wide range. This website allows you to book now and pay when you get to the venue – they also offer free cancellation for a long period of time, which is amazing.
Skyscanner : I also have used this website a lot for looking for cheap flights – this website and app is always downloaded on my phone as you can keep track with it or else get email reminders. This website gives you the cheapest or fastest flight first – depending on what your looking for. It is a third party app but it’s 100% reliable and I wouldn’t use anything else but these when looking for flights.


One thing that you need to do when travelling is plan!! Some people like to wing it and not plan but I’m the total opposite – I like to know what I’m doing and what the plan is or else I get anxious. Planning has so many different pros and cons but one of the main planning objectives I would use is READ REVIEWS before you book or go somewhere as they do have first hand experience in the place – you just need to remember that not everyone is going to like the same place and vice versa. A place that a person hates might be somewhere that you love. Some of the best reviewing websites are, Tripadvisor and Yelp tend to be the ones that people use the most.

In the planning aspect of travelling, I would ask around if anyone you know has been to the same area that you’re going to, and see if they have any tips. I would also advise you to see if you can find any bloggers that have been to the area as they do tend to give travel tips after travelling somewhere or if it’s where they live, they might be nice enough to give you some pointers.

Please don’t forget to book the travel insurance you need when you go on holiday – I would advise you to put it into your planning list as it’s something so important and if you don’t have it, you’ll be stuck!


Pack Light is something that I’ve always been told. You really only need to bring the essentials like clothes, electronics, medication and all that. If you’re only bringing a cabin bag, I would advise you to buy toiletries etc in the country you’re going too – I would actually advise you to do that wherever you go as it saves you space in your suitcases.

Baggage Restrictions are always different for airlines and even countries! Research what size bags, what you can and cannot bring onto the plane and even into the country – a lot of countries allow you to bring stuff in that other countries wouldn’t allow and vice versa. These can be found on the airline and government websites.

So these are my first few travel tips for you all and there are plenty more to come! Let me know some of your travel tips in the comments below!


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