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50 Shades Darker Review

Before I start this post, there will be spoilers in it so if you haven’t read the books – I wouldn’t read this review! I was a big lover of the first movie but I never read the books so I had no clue if it would be better or worse – I have been tempted to read the books though in the past little while. Fifty Shades Darker is the second book in the trilogy which was released today and I just couldn’t wait to see it to be honest – one of the movies I was dying to see!


The second movie continues four to five days after the first movie ended so it’s all pretty close together. In the end of the last movie Ana left Christian due to the fact he got off on the pain that he inflicted on women – which I think is totally wrong to be honest and Ana did the right thing when she walked away as I definitely don’t think it’s normal or acceptable behaviour.

The start of the movie is pretty slow as Ana has left him, started a new job and a few other things which isn’t important. Jose her mate is doing a photography exhibition which has a lot of pictures of Ana for sale in it. Then one person buys all six pictures of Ana, and low and behold it’s Christian – which is as bit stalkerish as he knew where she was and he bought the six pictures of her. Ana obviously gets a shock when she see’s him and they decide to go for dinner as he wants to ” try again ” which he’s never wanted to do before – I love the way he wants to try again but in my opinion he really needed to sort himself out before  he goes back to her. They decide to rekindle things but do it on her terms with no rules and punishments – she is crazy but I love the whole love story!

The whole movie is based on one of Mr.Grey’s ex submissives wanting to kill Ana, Ana’s boss wanting to sleep with her / kill Christian and Christians ex dominant wanting to break C and A up. I loved the way that they actually had a lot more characters involved in this movie and the fact that it was so much more drama, action and basically sex in this movie.


I honestly cannot believe how good this movie was – I wasn’t expecting it to be good but you do see most of the movie in the trailers. I just love the whole love story side of the movie as I do believe that they do love each other and they are meant to be together. I’m not a big fan of movies that are based on sex which I thought this movie was going to be about it but it’s a lot more than just sex.

I have been rooting for Ana and Christian to actually get together since the first movie and this movie made me get the feels so much. I am severely attracted to Christian Grey and I swear it’s because I know he’s a ” bad boy ” as such. The movie was very dramatic as there was a girl that wanted Ana dead – I thought was a good idea as we never seen any of his ex submissives. Christians ex dominant wanted them to break up which I kind of seen it coming as we didn’t hear much about Mrs Robinson in the first movie. The most exciting bit was when Ana’s boss was trying to get in between her and Grey which was pretty obvious too.

The most exciting part has to be the helicopter crash as you know that he survives and you know that Ana’s boss is the person that caused it – there wouldn’t have been anyone else that wanted him dead. My favourite part has to be when they get ENGAGED  as it’s something that I’ve wanted for them for ages – they deserve to be together. You wouldn’t think that Grey would ever get married but I’m so glad they are!

Overall I would give this movie a 9/10 rating as it was an amazing movie but I totally didn’t want it to end. The next movie 50 Shades Freed is out on the 8th of February 2018 – which is a whole year away so I don’t know if I’m going to be able to wait that long. I am totally thinking about reading the books now too.

Let me know what you thought of the movie in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “50 Shades Darker Review

  1. I enjoyed it too, much better than I had anticipated. Having read the book it did feel like they flew over some parts and didn’t really elaborate. Nonetheless loved the soundtrack and will happily watch this again. Thank god it’s not another two years for the next one! x

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  2. I’ve read the books and I really liked them but havent been brave enough to watch the movies yet, lol although I’m happy about all the reviews I’ve read and it seems like they’ve kept it close to the books as possible thats always nice 🙂


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