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Can Online Dating Actually Work?

If you have been following my blog or channel for a while, you will know that I’m no stranger to Online Dating. It was something that I would do just to keep the boredom down and I’ve made a lot of friends through it too. It’s something that is a massive part of people’s lives in this generation and I honestly think it’s something that everyone could get used too. I have met someone on a dating website called ” Plenty of Fish ” which I never thought would happen but it has done. I am probably going to be bit biased during this post as it’s my own experience but I want you to tell me all about your experiences in the comments below.


Everyone is afraid of being catfished online and it’s probably one of the reasons why online dating can’t work and people can’t trust each other as it’s so easy to get other people’s pictures these days. It’s a chance that I was willing to take. I was talking to this guy ( let’s call him Josh for the sake of this and privacy )  for a few days and literally my first message was to him ” I like games. ” which was so blunt and random but from reading his profile he was big into gaming and all that, so I said I would give it a go. I wouldn’t normally be the first one to message a guy on a dating website but this felt somewhat different.

A few hours later, he replied with something along the lines of ” I like travelling ” and from there we literally just clicked and felt it on both sides.  We started talking for ages and didn’t go a day without talking. He was different but a good kind of different. He then invited me up to his which is about 200+km away which is like up the top of Ireland in Donegal and I am living in Kildare. It wasn’t a trip that I’ve done before and I was so afraid of going up and that connection not being real in person as we all know that people are so different online than in person – I’ve learnt from experience.

Fast forward two weeks on and I was on my way up to see him. I got the 4 and a half hour bus journey from Dublin up to Donegal. In that time I had so many panic attacks but I was so excited to see him and see if everything that I felt was ” real “. Josh was waiting for me at the bus stop and by god the whole thing was pretty amazing, not going to lie. I was shocked at how well we clicked and got on with each other. I met his mum, sister and niece & nephew straight of the bat which was scary but they were so nice.

Fast forward nearly four months on.. We are officially boyfriend and girlfriend and I’m only just back from seeing him which was supposed to be a weekend trip but it lasted two and a half weeks due to the bus strike. We are in a pretty good place right now and I honestly don’t think I could ask for anything better.

From my story you can tell that I DO think online dating can work if you put yourself out of your comfort zone and not to expect anything. I find if you expect stuff to happen, it will just go down the drain anyway. There is someone out there for everyone but you will just need to keep on looking for the one.

Love Bee ox


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