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It’s Finally May!

Hello my lovelies! I know that I haven’t been on this blog in so long but I am just concentrating on myself and my personal life at the moment. I am just here to give you a life update as ITS FINALLY MAY! I honestly cannot believe that it’s May, which means half of this year is nearly gone already!



Romance : I am still happily in my relationship and we’ve been together four months now which is crazy. We’re long distance which makes the hard but I do think we’re strong enough to get through it. I will have a massive update on the whole thing soon enough as I have some news to tell you all but I don’t want to jinx it.

College : I am actually doing so well in college, not going in as much as I should but I’m getting through it all. I am nearly finished the course as I only have two more modules left which are marketing and customer service.


What’s Happening To This Blog : I will be writing on this blog a lot more now but it’ll only be more of a hobby rather than me putting out content 24/7 and being fixated on getting a post out for you lot – it’s better this way and way better for my mental health as I’ve realized that there is a massive life outside Blogging.


What’s Happening To My YouTube : I honestly have no clue what’s going on with my YouTube as I have so many memories on it but the effort of uploading videos. I will have a long hard think about it as I’ve done YouTube long before I did Blogging.


Bee ox


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