Welcome to my blog! My name is Bee ( Rebecca ) and I’m a 23 year old women from Ireland. I am currently studying Business and Marketing in Kildare but I do have a Diploma in Social Media Marketing and, my equestrian qualifications. I am also a blogger on ThatSoBee – which I am going to try and migrate the two together.

I have Asperger’s Sydnrome with is a form of Autism and this is why blogging means so much to me, and why I started it. I always used to give up so easily on things but this is one that I’ve kept on doing and it’s something that I am really proud of.

On this blog you will be able to find a lot about blogging, personal posts, lifestyle, beauty and fitness – which was on ThatSoBee too. I am just getting into the fitness game so I’m excited to see where it brings me.

I look forward to bring you all on this journey with me!